Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day 625, Chicken Blog Give Away / Outside the Jupiter 2

Hey everyone out there! One of my favorite blogs is Chicken Blog. This week they are having a Blogoversary! I got hooked on Chicken Blog a while back when I was perusing Angela Cartwright's Said and Done Blog... Among the comments I saw Natalie's smiling face with that cute hat ... and I had to go see! I was wondering who was that lady? .... And was she a fan of Lost in Space and Angela Cartwright too ... just like me?? Well, I have been visiting Chicken Blog for about 2 years now. Not exactly sure how long!

Hey! Chicken Blog has been around since 2002! That is a wonderful amount of work and effort! I left a comment on last weekends post. And I received the first Sentimental Giveaway! I mentioned my other blog (a Cat Blog) and my memories of how I began it! ...... Thank you Natalie and family for the giveaway! The kitty blog is 50% sweat and tears, and 50% joy! It is a diversion from the hard cruel world for me!!

On the other-hand here I think I am all alone at 1000 Days Lost in Space ... posting and nobody seeing ... But I still want you to know the nice family at Chicken Blog! And hey!! They are going to have another give away! There will be two more drawings! Any one leaving a comment between now and 7:59 PM Sunday (PST) has a chance at it!

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