Thursday, July 19, 2012

Way Back in Feb I won Pasticcio Quartz

Way back at the beginning of the year I won Pasticcio Quartz. I apologize to Angela Cartwright and Sarah Fishburn for not posting this sooner. I appreciate that Angela offered this on her blog. And I am sorry I am like molasses.

I haven't been on my blogs much recently. I am scheduled for surgery on the 30th. It is not a terrible surgery. But I am really nervous and upset about it. Last year I went to the Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas. That was great! This year is no fun. Besides the surgery there is the problems associated with living with my married daughter and her husband. My mom has to put up with him too.

I plan to do more art soon after the surgery, hopefully all will go well. I guess that having cancer 5 years ago has left me paranoid in the extreme about hospitals.