Saturday, October 1, 2011

Day 553, J5 and Penny Robinson in The Haunted Lighthouse

This is a picture I drew over a year ago. It has taken at least a year to get around to painting it. Even though this episode of Lost of Space has some real corny moments it is one of my favorites. Those favorite moments include, the wind storm and a lift off. Both are fun. Then enters J5 whose most annoying features are his silly elf ears and eye makeup. He plays off Dr. Zachary Smith bringing about the worst in both himself and Smith. Penny is endearing, her best moments being when she is with J5. I love when she is lighting the candle. Dr. Smith meeting "The Zaybo" is interesting, at that point the Zaybo doesn't have hair or growl. I have a question, can someone tell me, how does John Robinson know that the relief ship from earth will be there (to the Lightship F12) in three years?? That is what he says at least, just before the episode ends.

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